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abia, nigeria
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The Brihadeeswarar Temple was Built by the greatest of Chola rulers, Rajaraja, the temple was named after him as Rajarajeswaram, meaning `the temple of the Iswara (God) of Rajaraja'. Later on, it became known as the Brihadeeswara temple meaning the temple of the `Great Iswara'. Inscriptions engraved on the walls, pillars and podium, is rare wealth, indeed of immeasurable value to the scholar of great spirituality.

The inscriptions give, apart from a comprehensive history of the times, a full enumeration of all the metallic images set up in the temple. Numbering about sixty-six, these icons are referred to with a description of the minutest details of size. shape and composition.

The temple also sports a depiction in stone, of eighty